92.9 ZZU celebrates 26 years of helping families through Christmas Wish program

SPOKANE, Wash.– Christmas wishes are coming true thanks to a beloved 92.9 ZZU tradition. The Christmas Wish program, now in its 26th year, helps make the holidays brighter for families who have fallen on hard times.

Christmas Wish is a program that started in 1995 by Dave Sposito and Ken Hopkins.  Dave, Ken & Molly continue that work now, even through the challenges of the pandemic. Sposito said he was worried about having enough donations for the hundreds of people they help because two of their main fundraisers were upended by COVID-19.

“This year, no golf tournament and we could not all three be together to collect money,” Sposito said.

They teamed up with community sponsors and set up an online portal for donations. Sposito said he was pleasantly surprised by the support they’ve received during such a hard year. They expect to help about 300 people this year.

“Every year, we come through Christmas Wish and we’re just amazed that there are so many kind people out there,” Sposito said. “But, this year has just been off the charts.”

Sposito said they are still accepting nominations to help families who could benefit from the program. You can nominate someone HERE or donate to the cause HERE.

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