Zome Design keeps busy printing Zag swag for the Spokane community

SPOKANE, Wash. — Over the past couple of weeks, the Spokane community has been doing all they can to show the Zags their support, and one local business in Spokane Valley is playing a big role in that.

The staff at Zome Design has been hard at work over the past couple of weeks.

The Spokane community is stocking up on Zag swag to show their support and celebrate how far the Zags have made in the NCAA tournament. The employees here are the masterminds behind a lot of it and things now, far different from this time a year ago.

“Now, with everyone at home, they’re either buying online or when they’re going to the grocery store on the way to check out, they’re buying a shirt so they can wear at home with their friend and their family to help show support,” said Zome Design CEO Brayden Jessen.

The shirts you see all over town at Albertsons, Safeway, Yokes, Rosauers, etc. They were produced at Zome Design. They tell us that they’ve seen a big uptick this year as people are finding new ways to celebrate the Zags since we’re not able to cheer on the team at the games. They’re proud to do something that has the potential to bring the community back together, in one way or another.

“So that while we can’t be at the games, we can be showcasing at our local bars and restaurants, our homes — you know, the Zag spirit that we have,” Jessen explained.

The past few weeks have served as a decent warm-up to a busy week ahead.

“So in the next week, it’s getting even crazier,” said Jessen. “Right now, we’re working with NCAA, Gonzaga, to get different designs approved as they go through the rest of the tournament.”

Zome Designs is a Gonzaga-licensed vendor, so the impact from one shirt goes far and wide, locally. A percentage of the proceeds go back to the university’s athletic department. So every shirt you buy is helping Gonzaga Athletics and on top of that, if you’re purchasing from someone local, like a Rosauers or an Albertsons, you are giving back to those grocery store workers, helping them, and helping the entire team at Zome, a locally-owned business.

Right now, their huge focus at the moment is the National Championship design, which brings on a whole extra level of licensing for both the NCAA Tournament and Gonzaga.

“Once we got approved, then we started submitting designs,” explained Jessen. “Well, then designs got kicked back to us because while they were approved by Gonzaga, they didn’t meet the NCAA licensing restrictions, so right now our art teams and our creative teams are coming together with some fun ideas that we can really try to make people exciting about to have our first Gonzaga National Championship design.”

They’re already planning a watch party at the shop so the moment the Zags pull through, they can get to work, fast, and print through the night. When running full force, each of their presses can print up to 2,000 shirts an hour. If this goes as we all hope, you can expect the stores to be lit up with Gonzaga National Champions merchandise the following morning.

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