Zags impact Spokane beyond basketball, community celebrates

Zags impact Spokane beyond basketball, community celebrates

Even if you’re not a die-hard Gonzaga basketball fan, the city of Spokane has more than just basketball to thank the Zags for.

“When people hear that Gonzaga University– The Zags –are in the Final Four, then they want to find more about Spokane,” said Cheryl Kilday, CEO of Visit Spokane.

When they search, what will they see?

This week, Visit Spokane and a number of other city groups and associations are working to deck the streets of Spokane in Zag style.

Because it’s both fun, and good for business.

It’s what Visit Spokane calls a “community resume builder”.

Whether its a national convention, a sports tournament or a soon-to-be-retiree looking for a new home, Spokane has a lot to offer. This is an opportunity to show it off.

“We’re also getting ready to launch a social media campaign to take the #GoZags and then #SpokaneZags to connect both the support for the Zags with what Spokane means and what’s that essence of Spokane.” Kilday said.

You also won’t want to miss “Zag Spots,” where you can take selfies and share your Spokane with everyone around the nation checking in.

Visit Spokane is also working to get downtown businesses to display posters or even light up their buildings in blue and red.

For more information on all the Gonzaga related events this week, check out the Visit Spokane website.

“It’s probably the best public relations we could ever imagine. We can’t purchase what they’re doing out there. Showcasing us as a community is nothing we could afford,” said Eric Sawyer, CEO of the Spokane Sports Commission.

When the commission asks the governing bodies of sports to bring their national or regional event our way – another Spokane economy booster– It’s good to have the Zags on their resume.

Sawyer said the NCAA Women’s tournament will have games in Spokane next year. He’s hoping the men’s games will be back within the next few years as well.

“The Zags have helped share that message and helped us to broadcast a story about Spokane in our region for sports,” Sawyer said.

So, basketball fan or not, a win for Gonzaga is a win for Spokane.