Zag pride lights up the Spokane skyline

Zag pride lights up the Spokane skyline

As the Zags advance in the NCAA tournament, Spokane is glowing with pride!

“We’re kind of having a Christmas in March around here,” said Matt Jensen, with The Davenport Hotels.

Every night for the past couple weeks, The Davenport Grand and The Davenport Tower have displayed Zag inspired lights and images.

“Can you see the sign? We’re so excited! Go Zags, Go Zags. Zag mania everywhere in Spokane right now,” said Jensen.

The Davenport is not alone. The Steam Plant and the clock tower in Riverfront Park all supporting Zag nation with colorful light displays.

The red and blue lights are a way to support the team and thank them for putting Spokane in the national spotlight.

“They do so much for the community and so much for tourism. I think people forget that Gonzaga really is one of the anchors for Spokane, ” said Jensen.

An accounting company downtown Spokane showed its team spirit with a beard competition.

“It’s not very often that accountants get to wear beards,” said Gregg Amend, managing partner of the Spokane branch of Moss Adams.

“It takes a lot more effort for us to grow them then it does than a 300 pound, 7 foot center,” said Amend.

Amend and Jensen are confident they’ll be seeing the Zags go all the way this year.

“And we’ll be going crazy- looking forward to the ticker tape parade if it happens,” said Amend.