Zag Nation hyped for National Championship

SPOKANE, Wash. — Many fans are still recovering from the excitement, anxiety, and shock of Saturday’s game. Despite that, Zag Nation has never been more excited. Our team connected with fans around Spokane on the day of the game and the energy was palpable. There was a special energy and excitement in the air.

We talked to fans who are celebrating birthdays today, and they’re convinced there is no better way to do so. Some families extended their vacations to stay in town for tonight’s game.

We talked with Zome Design during March Madness. They were swamped creating the Zag Swag for the Spokane Community. On the day of the National Championship though, their team took the morning off to sleep, preparing for what could be a very long night if the Zags won.

“We’re super excited and we can’t wait to share that excitement with the rest of Spokane,” said Zome Design CEO Brayden Jessen.

Over on the GU campus, you probably predicted this, students started celebrating the morning of. Conveniently, they were out of class from Easter vacation but they say they wouldn’t have been there anyway, and they don’t think they’ll be there the day after the National Championship, either.

One common theme amongst all these Zag fans: “GO ZAGS!”

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