Zag Mania Game Plan: Wednesday, March 27th

Zag Mania Game Plan: Wednesday, March 27th

It’s a shot at revenge against the team that sent the Zags home earlier than they wanted last year.

The Florida State Seminoles upset Gonzaga in Los Angeles during last year’s Sweet Sixteen, now they run into each other again in the same step of the NCAA Tournament, and in the same state.

Here’s what the Bulldogs will be up to today in preparation for tomorrow:

Open/closed practice: Only the first 15 minutes of each team’s practice today will be open to the public and to media. This means the Zags won’t have to have a full practice elsewhere, they can focus on themselves because no one else will be able to watch.
Enjoy the Sun: This team takes advantage of opportunities when they’re given them (see: beating Duke in Maui). It is warm and sunny down here in Anaheim, time to enjoy themselves a little after a long winter in Spokane. Plus, vitmain D makes you jump higher, run faster (not scientifically proven).
Ignore the Fireworks: Literally and figuratively. There is a lot of magic in Anaheim (Disneyland). It’s not easy to put the blinders on to block out all distractions, but this team knows what they’re here for; it’s about surviving and advancing. The nighttime fireworks may be fun to watch from afar, but Gonzaga can get all the fireworks they want if they continue their route to the Final Four.

Tip-off Thursday is set for 4:09 p.m. PST, be sure to follow Keith Osso (@ ossokxly ) and Alyssa Charlston (@ alyssacharlston ) on Twitter for what you can’t see anywhere else!