Zag fans react to loss in Las Vegas

Zag fans react to loss in Las Vegas

Gonzaga fans might be disappointed by the tough loss against St. Mary’s but they’re still confident the Bulldogs will go far in March Madness.

“He made it and we just all went crazy here and it was the best thing ever,” Gonzaga fan Sheree Rizzardi said after a 3-point shot took the Zags into overtime.

The Zags took fans on a wild ride up and down the court. “Every game is big but this game is big,” Rizzardi said. You could call her the sixth woman on the team or the cheerleader.

Zag fans react to loss in Las Vegas

“Every game I am jumping up and down, I have red and blue fingernails and blue hair and my signs and I try to get everyone yelling in the bar,” Rizzardi said.

Tim Baumgartner’s eyes were glued to the TV. Baumgartner said, “it’s nerve-wracking when we play these guys there is never a team that dominates it’s who gets that final point at the end.”

The loss against St. Mary’s is going to make things a little tougher down the road. Baumgartner said, “we are still in the tournament this would have given us way better seeding but we are still there.”

These fans are ready for the Gonzaga Bulldogs to battle it out on the court during March Madness. “I would like to get past the elite eight love to get to the final four,” Baumgartner said.

“I hope we get all the way, but we will just take one game at a time,” Rizzardi said.