Zag fans face cold to catch final MBB home game

Zag fans face cold to catch final MBB home game

Gonzaga students braved frigid temperatures Saturday morning, to make sure they have the best seat to watch the Bulldogs take on BYU.

“We got in line about 9 o’clock this morning,” said Ali Henderson, a senior at Gonzaga.

Ali Henderson and Brittany Johnson dressed in layers and bundled up in sleeping bags to stay warm. The pair hope waiting in line so early in the day will get them a seat close to the hardwood.

“It’s so much fun when you are up front and a part of the crowd

Some students set up tents Friday night and prepared to spend the night. However, when the temperature dipped below 20 degrees, students were sent home.

Even so, they were back bright and early in the morning, ready to cheer on their favorite team.

“It’s crazy, but we’re also a crazy student section, “said Tito Howell with the Kennel Club. “We’re diehard fans and we’re willing to tent in the snow to get a good spot in the kennel,” said Howell

The Zags are currently ranked first in the country with a 29-0 record. Saturday’s game against BYU is the last regular home season game before the WCC tournament.

“This is history. Honestly I’m very excited right now,” said Howell.

“I don’t want to jinx it. I just hope we have a good run and one day make it Phoenix,” Howell added.