YWCA Spokane reopens in Phase 2

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SPOKANE, Wash. — YWCA Spokane has reopened under Phase 2 of Washington’s “Safe Start” plan.

The organization opened its doors on Monday, June 1. They say they still plan to provide services remotely, and are encouraging people to let friends and family who may need help know that they are open.

“Thank you for your partnership and support throughout this pandemic. This has been a tumultuous time for all of us as things change from day to day,” reads a statement from YWCA. “Even as so many of you have moved through your own personal struggles and challenges, you have stood by our sides throughout this pandemic. By sticking together we will weather this storm.”

The number of people who have come in to the office in the last few days has been below average.

With offices being closed and people isolating at home, the YWCA says fewer people reach out for help, which is concerning.

“It’s been difficult. We do know that there’s a large population that do need our assistance that are having a hard time reaching out because they are at home with their perpetrator, not able to leave the house, not able to make excuses, those types of things to be able to get that they need,” explained Terran Echegoyen, the counseling center manager with YWCA.

In addition to some in-person services, staff will continue to help over the phone, by email and telehealth.

For more information on what services are available, visit the YWCA Spokane website here.