‘You’re gonna love it!’: Activist Tim Eyman to host car tab lawsuit rally in Olympia

This lawsuit is designed to protect Eyman's $30 car tabs
Tim Eyman
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Anti-tax activist and Washington gubernatorial candidate Tim Eyman announced that he will file a lawsuit Monday to protect the passing of Initiative 976.

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In an email newsletter, he requested his supporters to join him in Olympia on December 30, where he will also be holding a rally and press conference outside the Thurston County Superior Court. The event will be held at 11 a.m., with Eyman planning to file the lawsuit at 11:30 a.m.

Additionally, Eyman says he will give out signed ‘$30 Tabs’ stickers to everyone in attendance, as well as an orange ‘$30 Tabs’ t-shirt to ‘the person who travels the furthest to get there.’

Aside from the rally and lawsuit, Eyman’s newsletter encourages people to not renew their tabs as a move of protest. ‘We won the vote, but they took away democracy. They stripped away the right of every citizen to have their vote counted,’ reads the newsletter, ‘I am asking all of us to engage in peaceful, non-violent, non-cooperation. Don’t renew your tabs.’