‘Your truth doesn’t hold up’: Lori Isenberg sentenced to life in prison for murdering husband

Lori Isenberg's new mugshot
Credit: Kootenai County Jail

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — Lori Isenberg has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering her husband.

Isenberg is currently serving time for stealing money from a North Idaho non-profit. She was convicted of embezzling $579,000 from the North Idaho Housing Coalition were she worked. Her daughters were implicated in the scheme, as well.

Right around the same time in 2018, her husband was found dead in Lake Coeur d’Alene. An autopsy revealed he had lethal levels of diphenhydramine – or Benadryl – in his system.

Isenberg was originally charged with first-degree murder in Larry’s death, but pleaded guilty in February to second degree murder.

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In court Monday, Isenberg gave a long and often-rambling statement to the court, saying she wasn’t trying to kill her husband. Instead, she insisted that she was planning to end her own life because of the shame of committing the embezzlement. She said that was her intention when she and Larry went out on their boat that day.

“I was an emotional and physical wreck” Isenberg said of the day she killed her husband. “That day on the lake, I was not thinking very well. I do not remember details. It was a blur of shock and horror and confusion.”

“The point of today is for me to admit my guilt,” Isenberg said. “Larry would still be alive if not for me fixing a drink with Benadryl in it so I would be able to selfishly and cowardly take my life.” Isenberg said Larry “accidentally” drank it. She also said she told Larry after he died that she was going to join him and end her own life, but not until after she got things in order with her family.

After her statement, Judge Scott Wayman told Isenberg “I have no doubt that the statements you made today are your truth… that’s the truth you have decided on. That’s the truth you’re going to live with. nothing is going to change that.”

But, he said, “Your truth doesn’t hold up.”

Judge Wayman sentenced Isenberg to life in prison with 30 years fixed. That means she’ll spend 30 years in prison before she’s eligible for release.