‘Your liberal angst gives me great pleasure’: Left-leaning books being hidden at CDA library

Somebody is playing hide-and-seek with books at the Coeur d’Alene Public Library.

They’ve been hiding left-leaning books since August – and the person who claims they’re behind it wrote an anonymous comment card, saying they are doing it to “keep propaganda out of the hands of young minds.”

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Library Director Bette Ammon says it is putting a strain on her library.

Every time a book is hidden, and staff cannot find it, they are forced to order a replacement. The cost of that is starting to add up.

“If we’re replacing a $20 book, it may take time for three different staff people to order it, receive it, catalog it, [and] cover it,” said Ammon, “and not to mention the time spent actually searching when the book went missing in the first place.”

She says this whole situation has gotten so much attention that she’s been given two book donations, including one from New Mexico. Even national news agencies have reached out to her.