Young people now hardest hit by COVID-19 in Spokane County

covid cases by age July 2
Credit: Spokane Regional Health District

SPOKANE CO., Wash. — Young people make up the demographic hardest hit by COVID-19 in Spokane County.

More than 27 percent of Spokane County’s confirmed cases have been diagnosed in people ages 20-29.

As of Thursday, 406 Spokane County residents in their 20s had the virus. The second-hardest hit age group includes those 30-39, with 241 cases.

The Spokane Regional Health District has not reported any COVID-related deaths among those in their 20s, but did say a person in their 30s died over the weekend. The health district has not yet said if that person had underlying health conditions.

The SRHD reported 70 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday; the county has seen more than 600 people contract the virus in the past two weeks.

For several weeks, County Health Officer Dr. Bob Lutz has pointed to community spread and younger people taking advantage of businesses being open without taking the proper safety protocols as a reason for the influx of cases.

“These are young people. These are young people who may not have a lot of symptoms, young people who may be working because they’ve been deemed essential,” Lutz said in mid-June. “They’re in a younger demographic and maybe they’re getting COVID-19 because they’re feeling as if ‘Well, we don’t see it. I’m not having significant symptoms,’ and therefore may be not following all of the recommendations.”

Despite Thursday’s increase in cases, the county has not reported a COVID-related death since Sunday. Nineteen people from Spokane County were hospitalized as of Thursday; an additional 14 out-of-county patients were also hospitalized in Spokane County.

Editor’s Note: Upon the publishing of this story, 4 News Now received several inquiries asking if the rise in cases among young people were tied to recent protests. The health district has linked five cases to recent protests. 

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