Young patient redefines the meaning of ‘superhero’

A handful of 4 News Now anchors and reporters exchanged their day outfits for some very ‘super’ attire Wednesday afternoon.

4 News Now is continuing the Superheroes for Kids campaign this week. It’s a campaign raising money for Children’s Miracle Network. All of the proceeds go right back to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital to help kids right here in Spokane.

Day after day, patients at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital are used to seeing nurses and doctors coming through their doors. Wednesday, this was not the case. Kids at Sacred Heart got to meet their favorite superhero characters.

Flexing with Thor, chatting with Elastic Girl from The Incredibles, and taking pictures with Superman and Wonder Woman. Don’t worry, those hard-working nurses got their chance to be superheroes Wednesday, too.

No, these weren’t real superheroes. Some 4 News Now staff just looked the part. But the kids at Sacred Heart showed us who the real heroes are.

We met ten-year old, Harper Swartwoet. She’s in the hospital because she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It’s her second day in the hospital, but she was treated to a special visit.

“Super surprising. I like to see superheroes. I didn’t know they were going to come, because I was just going to lay down and watch TV,” Harper said. “But that made me happy when superheroes came into the room.”

Harper loves her heroes. Wonder Woman is her favorite.

“She shows girl power and she shows that girls can be strong just like boys,” Harper said.

At just ten years old, Harper knows you don’t love your favorite superhero for their shiny clothes or tools. It’s their courage that makes them extraordinary, just like every child at Sacred Heart.

“You can be strong and brave and believe in yourself,” Harper said.

Young patient redefines the meaning of ‘superhero’

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