Young Coeur d’Alene girl battles leukemia for the second time

At the age of 12, most girls spend their time worrying about getting their assignments in on time.

For 12-year-old Serina Robles, who’s currently going through chemotherapy, homework is the least of her concerns.

Doctors originally diagnosed Serina with leukemia in 2014. At just five years old, she had her first bone marrow transplant.

Through chemotherapy and radiation, she was able to ultimately defeat cancer.

It wasn’t until recently when Serina started getting bloody noses and headaches that her parents took her back to the doctor.

Her father Ray Robles said that’s where they learned Serina only had 2% of her bone marrow left.

She and her family have now been in a Seattle hospital for several months while Serina completes her chemotherapy.

“We’ve been here twice [at the hospital] and the first time was tough and the second time around is even tougher,” Ray said.

Serina and her family have been in the hospital since the beginning of October, as she waited for her transplant. Before that, Serina’s was getting “conditioned” to make sure her body was ready for the transplant.

“Anybody that’s going through this, the only thing you can do is take it one day at a time,” Ray said.

After she got her transplant, Serina started losing her hair. An unimaginable situation already, as she misses her friends and home in Coeur d’Alene.

“She gets all her privileges taken from her because she can’t be a normal child… It really affects her,” her mother Kellie Robles said.

Day by day, they try to make her feel better.

“The more we encourage her that its for a short amount of time, kind of, she starts rolling with it and it brings her spirits up a little bit,” Kellie said.

It will still be another four to six months before the family gets to go home, and until then, Ray said he’s trying to keep that roof over their heads when that time does come.

The family would like to thank anyone who has stepped up to help them.

You can follow Serina’s progress through her family’s GoFundMe .