“You will be caught” Thieves steal family heirlooms, sports car from Spokane home

“You will be caught” Thieves steal family heirlooms, sports car from Spokane home

A couple in northeast Spokane says two burglars spent several hours inside their home — ransacking the place and hauling away anything of value they could carry.

Terri and Don Clarke are now spreading images of the suspects on social media hoping someone can identify them. The couple was camping in Idaho and out of cell service when the burglary took place early Sunday morning near the 6500 block of North Altamont.

Clarke said she felt her stomach drop once she got cell service and looked at her cell phone.

“Saw my dogs on my video camera outside of my backyard and called my neighbor and asked him to come over, and he’s the one who told us there was police at our house,” Clarke said.

Spokane Police officers found her brand-new Toyota sports car abandoned in a field miles from her home.

“At that time I wanted to cry because I knew that somebody had gotten into my house.”

It wasn’t a quick burglary by any means. Terri said based on the time stamps on her security cameras, she believes the two thieves were inside her home for nearly 5 hours.

“The house was completely ransacked. Every closet. Every drawer. Everything.”

Computers, tools, and items Terri can never replace — taken in the middle of the night.

“Antique jewelry from my grandparents that’s irreplaceable. I’m a huge Gonzaga basketball fan and I had a signed Gonzaga basketball from the entire team,” Clarke said. “I don’t even know what’s all gone.”

Clarke also doesn’t know who snuck into her house.

“We have to re-key everything. My house, all of my vehicles, and I don’t know who access to my stuff currently, so I won’t leave.”

She’s hoping someone can recognize the man and woman captured on her security cameras.

“You will be caught,” Clarke said. “We will get you and if I don’t get you somebody will. Karma serves its own justice.”

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