‘You piece of s***’: Rep. Jenny Graham leaves profanity-laced message on reporter’s voicemail

SPOKANE, Wash. — “You c*****cker!” “You lying piece of sh**” “You’ve done it. You have started it… It’s on!”

That was part of the message Spokane Representative Jenny Graham left on a local reporter’s voicemail after he published a story about her posting false information and conspiracy theories on her public Facebook page.

The report from the Inlander’s Daniel Walters showed Graham has been posting stories baselessly linking vaccines to causing autism and unverified blog posts that state 460,000 missing children a year “end up in sex dungeons to be exploited and repeatedly raped by… demons.”

These are narratives often pushed by QAnon, a right-wing conspiracy group that believes President Trump is battling a secret Satanic group of cannibalistic child sex traffickers.

Walters interviewed Graham for the story and she admitted that she was unaware of some of the deep conspiracy theories associated with the group.

“Graham indicated she was unfamiliar with the conspiracy theory and was unaware of the fringe view on these sites, but reiterated that her underlying concerns were genuine,” Walters wrote.

“The trafficking is real, but sadly enough, Daniel, — I’m going to put it out there too — so is the occult situation,” Graham told Walters.

As Walters reports, some of Graham’s posts have been flagged by Facebook for misinformation.

Graham told the Inlander that her posts are to say “‘This is an issue that is coming up.’ I’m not telling people to think one way or another about something. These are important issues that I like to get feedback [on] from people in my district.”

The profanity-laced voicemail was left on Walters’ voicemail after publication. Walters told the Washington Post both he and his editor have reached out to ask what was inaccurate about the story.

“If a source is really angry at you and is really upset about a story, the goal of a journalist is to figure out why,” Walters said.

Neither have received a call back, but the representative did post about it on her Facebook page, calling Walters “pathetic,” “disgusting” and a “lying piece of dung.”

4 News Now has also reached out to Graham for comment, but has not heard back.

Walters also said he is not trying to frame Graham as some sort of conspiracy theorist.

“I don’t have any evidence she is,” Walters said. “I think the situation seems to be, and this is what we ended up reporting, she’s sending people to these sites that were full of these kind of concerning conspiracy theories.”

Graham represents the 6th legislative district and is up for re-election this November. Her opponent, Tom McGarry, is calling on the republican caucus to condemn her.

“This type of language is something we wouldn’t allow a teacher to say, we wouldn’t allow a mail-carrier to say,” McGarry said. “They’d lose their jobs.”

Walters said the Republican House Leader J.T. Wilcox has reached out to him to apologize for Graham’s use of words. Walters also said Wilcox still supports the passion Graham has for issues like human trafficking.

Full 78 minute interview: https://soundcloud.com/daniel-walters-279099390/inlander-interview-with-rep-jenny-graham-about-posting-links-to-conspiracy-theories