‘You deserve better’: Domestic violence survivor, police urge victims to seek help

SPOKANE, Wash. — Angie Holman was in abusive relationships for 16 years. 

She would visit Riverfront Park to get away and find peace until she finally found the strength to break the chain of violence in her life. 

“The bondage is like a lock,” Holman said. 

A lock that kept her caged in an abusive relationship. 

“It’s survival mode at that point. That 16 years was survival and protection of my kids,” she said. 

Holman considered leaving for years, but always thought about her kids, how she would provide for them and so she stayed through the pain. 

“It is tremendously hard for us to investigate, but it’s tremendously hard for victims sometimes to break that cycle and get out,” said Corporal Nick Briggs with the Spokane Police Department. 

Spokane Police see these cycles of violence keep people from leaving their abusers. Briggs said there has been about a four percent decrease in domestic violence reporting from last year to this year, but the pandemic could be complicating the issue. 

“Certainly, there is some fear that things were under-reported when people were kind of confined at home a little bit more,” Briggs said. “They didn’t have that opportunity to go and seek help.”

Help is what Holman says she wishes she would have found sooner in life, 

“Watch your signs. The first time, you got to go because the third and fourth time adds up to ten or your life,” she said.

Holman is thankful to still have her life. She is a domestic violence survivor and says she will never be caged into an abusive relationship again. 

She also wants other survivors to know they too can picture a new life for themselves. 

“You deserve better,” Holman said. “You deserve the unconditional love that you will feel.” 

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is coming to end, but it is important to check in on friends and family. 

If you are looking for help or know someone who might be, here is a list of local resources. 

List of domestic violence resources

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