You can get your pet microchipped for free at these Idaho clinics

Elyssa Albert // Wikimedia Commons

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PONDERAY, Idaho– There’s no better way to make sure your pet can find its way home if it gets lost than a microchip.

That’s why the Better Together Animal Alliance in Idado will hold five free microchipping clinics for pet owners.

Microchips can help veterinarians, shelters, and animal control professionals reunite owners with their lost four-legged friends even if they lose their tags and collar. It provides them scannable information.

The Better Together Animal Alliance will have trained workers at the clinics to help get pet parents’ current information registered.

Here’s a list of the clinics:

The Better Together Animal Alliance said all dogs must be on leashes and cats need to stay in a carrier while they are at the clinics.

Anyone with questions can call the Better Together Animal Alliance at (208) 265-7297 ext. 100.