YMCA’s ‘RESET Challenge’ aims to keep you motivated with your New Year’s resolutions

SPOKANE, Wash. — Working out has probably been a hard New Year’s resolution to keep this year, especially with COVID guidelines.

Luckily, the YMCA has a new, free way to help stay motivated and working out, even at home.

Their new program is called the “RESET Challenge.”

The goal is to challenge yourself to stay active for 150 minutes a week for six weeks, and they plan on helping you do that by sending you free links to YMCA live and on-demand virtual fitness classes, exclusive virtual content for healthy living taught by nationally-recognized coaches, and inspirational stories to stay motivated.

To sign up, just text RESET to (866) 939-6227. When you’re signed up, you’ll start receiving three links a week starting February 1. You don’t need a YMCA membership to sign up.

For more information, visit the YMCA Inland Northwest website.