YMCA goes virtual with exercise classes for older adults

SPOKANE, Wash. — With the YMCA’s doors closed, instructors have been opening up their Active Older Adult exercise classes to the community on Facebook.

“This is a really nice way for us to be able to reach people who maybe wouldn’t come in our doors necessarily and to see a little bit about what we do and what our mission is and what we’re all about. It’s really kind of a cool opportunity for us,” said Health and Fitness director of the North Spokane YMCA, Deborah MacDonald.

On their Facebook page, you can follow along and do pilates, tai chi, yoga and circuit which is a little bit of everything.

Facebook Live schedule

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YMCA Facebook Live schedule

These classes are geared toward the Y’s older and more vulnerable population, so some of the exercises incorporate chairs or sitting down to help with balance.

MacDonald said she feels for their older members who are probably feeling very isolated during this time

They would not only come to the Y for exercise, but also for socialization.

“They have a special kind of social connection and being isolated like this has been more challenging and that’s why it’s on our heart too to make sure that we’re reaching out to that population,” she said.

MacDonald encourages everyone to try to get some exercise in these days, about 150 minutes per week, to boost your mood.

You can accomplish that by participating in three of the virtual exercise classes each week as they are about 45 minutes each.

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