Yellowstone geyser-walk suspect arrested again, in Cheyenne

Yellowstone geyser-walk suspect arrested again, in Cheyenne
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A man accused of walking dangerously close to Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park faces additional charges after a police chase in Cheyenne.

Police said Thursday they arrested 27-year-old Gabriel Villalva, of Greeley, Colorado, after he drove recklessly around Wyoming’s capital city. Cheyenne is a 7-hour drive from Yellowstone.

Police say they stopped Villalva with spike strips after a 15-minute chase Wednesday. They say Villalva spun his wheels and his SUV caught fire.

Police say they fired beanbag rounds to subdue Villalva. Yellowstone rangers cited Villalva for allegedly walking off boardwalks and within a few feet of Old Faithful Geyser on Sept. 14. Tourists also videoed a man resembling Villalva sitting next to one of Yellowstone’s hottest springs.

​​​​Villalva remained jailed Thursday and couldn’t be reached for comment.