Year in the Bubble: Dry Fly shifts focus from Spokanitizer to new downtown facility

SPOKANE, Wash. — It was mid-March last year when Dry Fly Distilling got federal approval to create hand sanitizer using its alcohol in hopes of preventing the spread of coronavirus.

The recipe came together in a matter of days — glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils and 140 proof alcohol.

Since then, the sanitizer has come in spray bottles and big jars — helping sanitize hands, doorknobs, desks, restaurant tables and more.

By June, Dry Fly had given away 2,000 gallons of Spokanitizer for free, worth about $100,000.

But donations from the community helped alleviate those costs — including a brand new Huckleberry Lemonade cocktail can that became wildly popular over the summer.

Later, Dry Fly shifted to selling the sanitizer in bulk and continued giving it away for free to health care heroes and first responders in the community.

After making more than 100,000 gallons, Spokanitizer is unfortunately discontinued. But a lot more is in store for the distillery.

Dry Fly is opening a new location in downtown Spokane with the hope of expanding its business and spirit-making production.

Construction has been underway for months now and they’re hoping to open very soon.