Year in Review: Looking back at the Extreme Team’s projects from 2019

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SPOKANE, Wash. — 2019 was a great year for the Extreme Team. Our group of volunteers, under the leadership of 4 News Now Weather Forecaster Mark Peterson, were able to make a difference in the Inland Northwest community through several projects.

The year kicked off with the Extreme Team working at the Women and Children’s Free Restaurant, which provides free, nutritious meals to women and children living in Spokane. Volunteers came together to help place four large plates on the exterior of the building. The plates feature companies and organizations who help financially support WCFR.

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Simulatenously, the Extreme Team helped with several projects at Transitions, which provides help for women and children experiencing poverty and homelessness in Spokane. Volunteers first helped resdesign the rec room. They then repainted and helped make the Transitions team’s offices more efficient. Finally, the Extreme Team helped with a $40,000 upgrade to the organization’s kitchen to help with training and teaching women to cook with fresh ingredients.

Next up was Diamonds and Dreams. Volunteers joined together in the spring to renovate the Deer Park sports complex, with special help from the local Hometown Chevrolet Dealers.

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The next project was for a very special girl living in North Idaho. In July, the Extreme Team was able to build a dream yard for Dira Cresci, a little girl who has lived in isolation most of her life due to a rare diagnosis of DiGeorge syndrome. Dria’s thymus gland doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, making her immune system very weak. As a result, she has a hard time going outside because she can get sick very quickly. The Extreme Team was able to build her a safe backyard that she can enjoy when she’s at home.

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In September, the Extreme Team went out to Rescue4All to build a refuge for the dogs they rescue. Volunteers helped with electrical work, new flooring and building out the space so the dogs have a safe place to wait for their forever home.

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October brought opportunity for Partners with Families and Children, a local organization that seeks to prevent, interrupt and repair cycles of abuse and neglect within families. The Extreme Team got to work building a serenity garden to help both the families and staff at the agency.

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The Extreme Team did a quick project for the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery in November. They needed help raising their barn, which will provide extra storage as they work to help even more families in the coming year.

And lastly, December brought one of the Extreme Team’s favorite yearly projects: Making Spirits Bright. The Extreme Team partnered with Avista and BECU to light up Cowley Park for the children at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. The yearly event is made possible by firefighters, credit union staff and even Santa himself!

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