WSU’s Gordon reflects on dream-like first start

In today’s college football, backup quarterbacks seem to spend more time in the transfer portal than on any given campus. Washington State’s Anthony Gordon stayed in Pullman, and we saw his reward Saturday.

Gordon threw for 420 yards and 5 touchdowns in his first career start after spending four years waiting for his opportunity.

“Perseverance is worth it sometimes,” Gordon said after the game. “Being able to just put your head down and work, you know, it can pay off. So I grew because I found some positives out of it, you know, rather than sit there and sulk. I took a lot from Gardner and the way he took no negative plays, the way he rallied guys around him was something I was trying to draw from all offseason and being able to do it out here was rewarding.”

Things couldn’t have started much better for Gordon who completed his first 15 passes of the game, no sign of nerves anywhere.

“Uncomparable feeling I guess you know, the nerves weren’t too high though I’d honestly say I was more nervous for the spring game coming out here in front of the fans for the first time,” Gordon said. But I don’t know being able to perform tonight and do my job and doing what the coaches asked me and put the ball in play, you know it was awesome.”

While those around him expected good things, but seeing it play out the way it did was special.

“I can’t even count how many touchdowns he had. Obviously great first game didn’t look nervous or anything, executed his job well and it’s no different than what he does in practice and that’s why he’s the guy,” said teammate Max Borghi.

Head coach Mike Leach added, “real quick real precise, now he did communicate well. There’s a clarity to how he runs the huddle, and then he did a really good job of putting them in the endzone.”

It was a night to remember for the red-shirt Senior.

“Kind of a dream come true,” Gordon explained. “I’ve spent a lot of time here, a lot of trials and tribulations, lot of failure and all that so it’s pretty cool to see it all pay off.”

Tuesday Gordon was named Pac-12 player of the week. He will lead the team once again Saturday when the Cougars host Northern Colorado at 2pm.