WSU unveils new Cougar football complex

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The start of the WSU Cougar football season is almost three months away but the newest addition to Martin Stadium – the new football complex – opens this month.

The new football operations facility is more than 84,000 square feet and it’s WSU Athletic Director Bill Moos said puts Washington State second to no one when it comes to facilities. The finishing touches are still being put on the new Cougar football complex but staff and players will be able to move in by the end of this month.

One of the most impressive aspects of the new building is the locker room. At 11,610 feet it’s twice as large as the old one. The lockers even come with ventilation to dry equipment and plugs electronics and smart phones for victory tweets and Facebook posts.

“Just come back and two minutes later after the game, you know, hey ‘Good victory. You know, Cougs 65, so and so 0,'” said Cougar football player Darryl Monroe.

From the locker room players will be able to access the field through a brand new tunnel located near the new Crimzone for super fans.

The weight room was built on the first floor to allow natural light in, but the floor had to be built with four-inch thick concrete over springs to absorb the impact of dropped weights.

“We’ve worked hard to get where we are, this is kinda the icing on the cake and hopefully we can work hard to make Mr. Moos proud this season,” Cougar quarterback Connor Halliday said.

Halliday said he also digs the new auditorium chairs, but knows the most important aspect of the new building will be the effect it has on recruiting new players and inspiring current ones.

“Dang, I wish I had two to three more years because the other thing is we’ll have next year, all the offensive linemen will be coming back and all the receivers will be coming back except Vince Malley,” he said.

The training room is state of the art and has cold and hot tubs, while the cafeteria is geared toward nutrition and all throughout the building the motto “Honor the past, Live the present, Create the future” can be seen and felt.

“So, now we take a back seat to no one,” Moos said.

Moos added the next project on his To Do List is an indoor sports facility.