WSU students have mixed feelings about optional masking

Cougar Pride With A Covid 19 Coronavirus Mask
Credit: Dean Hare, WSU Photography Services

PULLMAN, Wash.– Gonzaga and Eastern Washington will return from spring break with mask mandates still in place.

Those schools are choosing to extend their requirements in case there’s a surge following their off time.

That’s not the case for Washington State University.

Some students are excited to take their masks off in class. Others said they’re anxious.

Senior business management major Jackson Bray said the last two years have been a whirlwind.

Freshman computer science major Alex Hagood said it’s crazy it’s already been two years.

When it comes to wearing masks and navigating an education full of uncertainty, some students are still hesitating.

“I might try to keep my mask on initially, but as time goes on and then everybody else starts doing it, I will start feeling more comfortable with taking my mask off,” Grace Lemmon, a sophomore zoology major.

Bray can’t wait to experience the rest of his Senior year maskless.

“I am very very excited to take my mask off and start to see other people. Yeah, it’s going to be great,” he said.

Even as students drive off to spring break, they understand the uncertainty half way around the world will affect them here in Pullman. Their minds aren’t at ease, even though they’re on break.

“It definitely wears on you to come from the last two years of fighting for our lives with the Covid and then seeing that we might be on the brink of a large war,
it’s a lot,” Bray added.

Students are coming to terms with reality.

“I think it’s kind of crazy, but I think it’s part of life,” Hagood said. “I mean we had the Spanish Flu, then we went to World War 1 so just kind of history repeats itself.”

As these students prepare to turn a new chapter in the pandemic and in their lives as young adults, they want to play a part influencing the world for the better.

“I think as a whole we’re going to be better people coming out on the other side,” Bray concluded.

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