WSU researchers release study on healthy eating habits in children

WSU researchers release study on healthy eating habits in children
The American Vegetarian Party. Founded in 1947, this party held conventions and nominated candidates for President and Vice-President in several elections, but never got anybody into office.

A recent study confirmed that communicating food benefits to children has a positive impact on just how much healthy food they are willing to eat.

In fact, according to scientists at Washington State and Florida State universities, kids were found to eat twice as much healthy food when told how it would benefit them.

When using affirming statements like ‘eat your lentils if you want to grow bigger and run faster,’ researchers found that kids were more willing to eat than when the food was presented to them without conversation.

“Every child wants to be bigger, faster, able to jump higher,” said Jane Lanigan, associate professor in the WSU Department of Human Development and lead author of the study. “Using these types of examples made the food more attractive to eat.”

The study consisted on 87 children. Each child was asked to rank four foods chosen from four different food groups. The scientists then offered the children their least two favorite foods, over the course of six weeks, along with age-approproate, beneficial information about the food.

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