WSU places Gesser on home assignment after new misconduct complaint

WSU places Gesser on home assignment after new misconduct complaint

President Kirk Schulz and Director of Athletics Pat Chun have issued the following statement following a new complaint made against WSU employee Jason Gesser.

The statement also includes a comment from Kimberly Anderson, Executive Director of the Office for Equal opportunity.

“Earlier today, the Washington State University Office for Equal Opportunity (OEO) received an accusation of sexual misconduct against Jason Gesser, an employee of the WSU Athletics Department. This is the first time that an individual who was directly involved in an alleged incident of sexual misconduct has filed a formal complaint with OEO against Mr. Gesser.”

“This new information and a different set of events than previously reported,” said Kimberly Anderson. “In accordance with standard WSU practice and in consultation with relevant University officials, Mr. Gesser was placed on home assignment pending a full investigation of the allegations.”

Washington State University carefully examines all allegations of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and discrimination and provides both parties with the full opportunity to present information.

If individuals have information regarding allegations of misconduct by WSU employees, they should call the Office for Equal Opportunity at 509-335-8288 or send and email to