WSU football’s Rolovich lays out 2020 season: ‘No excuses when we get back’

PULLMAN, Wash. — Few sports fans want to know the answer as to what they might be doing on Saturdays in the Fall if college football can’t return. This week, the NCAA made it look more likely that it will be back for 2020.

The Division 1 Council approved student-athletes to return to campus for voluntary workouts for football, men’s and women’s basketball. It still needs to be approved by each conference, but on Thursday, 4 News Now got the reaction from new head football coach at Washington State, Nick Rolovich.

Nick Rolovich: “How are you going to have team meetings if you have to stay six feet apart? How are you going to have position meetings?”

There are still a lot of unanswered questions on what college football might look like this year, and with first year coach Nick Rolovich, it’s been all about the mental reps of his new offense, but he has no idea who will be able to take the knowledge and put it on the field.

“If they do it on the field in practice, you gotta see if they can do it in a scrimmage situation or for instance, a spring game, where there’s a little more pressure. I don’t know if you’re going to have the same amount of time as you’ve had in the past, so there may come a time where more of that gets made in season. And then there are more people contributing, which is good.”

When asked what his gut tells him, Rolovich said he thinks they will get all 12 games in this year. But that will probably look and sound a lot different than anything they’ve played in front of before.

“I think if you rely on the crowd, you’re probably in trouble anyway. It’s definitely an added bonus, it’s definitely just color to the experience for the players and the fans but, you know there are some guys who want to play in front of the big lights, and the lights are still going to be on right? ”

Even without fans in the stands, he doesn’t expect energy level to be down, this long break as his guys ready to roll.

“I think there will be an appreciation for what it was before this hit, and i think it really helps people recenter on what’s important in life. I think they’re drooling, they’re drooling ready to get back.

And the players better be ready to hit the ground running.

“Nobody’s going to care that we didn’t have spring ball, nobody’s going to care that we’re a new staff, there’s no excuses when we get back. If you want to say, ‘oh, we’re behind the eight-ball,’ but you know just because you’re behind the eight ball doesn’t mean you lose.”

Coach Rolovich also said they’ve ‘waived the white flag’ in terms of thinking every school is going to get the same amount of time to prepare, as each state re-opens at different paces.

The SEC presidents voted Friday to allow their student-athletes to return to campus to work out from June 1-30, the only state in the SEC that will be behind by a little bit is Kentucky.

Pac-12 presidents are expected to vote next week.