WSP reminds drivers to slow down, move over

WSP reminds drivers to slow down, move over

Wednesday’s snow made for a dicey commute in the morning, and it kept first responders busy with stuck semi-trucks, fender benders, and a fatal rollover crash along Interstate 90.

Thursday morning’s commute has the potential to be just as dangerous. Wet roads have turned to ice and for first responders, helping motorists can be dangerous – even deadly – when drivers fail to move over.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Rob Nance knows all too well what happens when icy road conditions and speeding drivers mix.

“It’s just a matter of slowing down and knowing your vehicle, too,” said Trooper Nance.

A Yakima woman was killed Wednesday morning after she lost control of her vehicle and rolled off of I-90 west of Spokane.

“The biggest thing is slow down. Don’t get in a hurry,” said Nance. “Don’t be impatient. Be courteous to other drivers, let them in.”

Nance says it’s important to move over and out of the way if you come upon a crash scene while on the road.

“My life depends on you moving over, and so does every else’s life. It’s not worth it for you to be facing charges or even a big ticket for not moving over.”

It’s not only a favor Nance and WSP troopers are asking of you, it’s the law. Drivers who fail to slow down or move over for first responders – including tow trucks, Department of Transportation (DOT) vehicles, and paramedics – can be fined $136.

“Give us the room, it’s our office we’re working at,” said Nance. “We’re working alongside the road.”