WSDOT crews have some unlikely animal encounters

Elk Herd
Credit: WSDOT

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Northwest’s cold weather has caused some animals to warm up around WSDOT crews lately.

On Jan. 20, a bobcat was spotted patiently watching WSDOT East crews as they worked on some roads near Colville. The little guy was quite observant, though a little uninterested.

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And on Friday, WSDOT Southwest crews helped rescue an wild hawk! Crews in Bingen found the injured bird and transported it to Rowena Wildlife Clinic. The feathered fella should hopefully make a full recovery soon.

WSDOT’s main priority is making sure the roads are safe, but animals are even interfering with that too.

WSDOT East crews came face-to-face with a large herd of elk crossing SR 231. The elk were just nine miles North of Sprague, and crews told locals to watch out for this bustling bunch.

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While they focus on road maintenance, WSDOT keeps a keen eye out for wild animals. They hope drivers do the same, and look out for creature crossing in your area.

WSDOT’s Twitter has a clear love for furry friends, and honestly, who doesn’t?

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