WSDOT East decides to not remove homeless encampment near I-90

Camp Hope

SPOKANE, Wash. — WSDOT East, who originally told campers living near I-90 to vacate, is no longer telling the homeless to vacate.

WSDOT East originally posted a 48-hour notice for the encampment at E. 2nd Avenue and S. Ray Street, telling campers they needed to leave the premises on Friday by noon. Now, they have temporarily rescinded their notice. They say they want to remove the encampment in a timely, safe, and humane way that ends in a positive outcome for all involved.

“We are not an organization that deals with social services, nor do we have law enforcement resources,” said Ryan Overton, Communications Manager of WSDOT East.

WSDOT East says they want to work with the City of Spokane to find a more acceptable solution for those at the encampment. They say there are not enough beds at local area shelters to house them, and need to do something more than just kicking them out.

Though they don’t plan on having them stay there, WSDOT East is working to find a feasible, long-term housing service for the occupants before removing them.

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