WSDOT adds rules, restrictions to Camp Hope despite threat of lawsuit

Camp Hope 2
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SPOKANE, Wash. — The Washington State Department of Transportation says it is continuing to make progress towards stabilizing Camp Hope.

WSDOT’s end goal is to find housing for all people currently occupying the camp before it is cleared out and cleaned. The department is following the state’s Right of Way Safety Initiative, which works to find solutions for people living on state highways.

Last week, WSDOT put up fencing around the camp, which was damaged the following weekend. Camp leaders and WSDOT say those that continue to damage the fencing will face consequences, including being kicked out of the camp.

WSDOT is also working to get an identification badge system up and running. Once private security is on-site, service providers will start creating and distributing Camp Hope ID badges to get a better understanding of how many people are living at the camp.

WSDOT hopes to have its private security at Camp Hope by or before October 15.

A curfew also went into effect for people at Camp Hope, however it is now being called “Quiet Time Hours.” Quiet time hours are between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., and people trying to leave and enter the camp between this time will be asked to verify that they live at the camp.

Camp Hope occupants will also not be allowed to bring in outside visitors. They will also have to follow the “Good Neighbor Agreement” to stay at the site, which requires them to respect neighbors both in and outside of the encampment.

WSDOT says it is working with the city and local partners to find viable housing solutions for people at the camp, however county commissioners recently greenlighted a lawsuit for prosecutors to file against WSDOT to clear the camp sooner.

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