Worldwide group to support Monroe Street businesses

Worldwide group to support Monroe Street businesses

A worldwide Facebook group with about 50,000 members has turned its attention to the construction on Monroe Street — and the businesses surrounding it.

“Man the Family Up” is an online community founded by Spokane native Chris Morse. Morse said the group is organizing what they call a “business flood” for Saturday, in hopes of offsetting the challenges of construction for small businesses.

“They realize that the most effective way, again, to have an impact in our community is to get off your butt, go spend some money, support these people when they need it most,” Morse said. “So that way when everything’s finished and we have, hopefully nice roads to drive on, you know these places are still here.”

Members of the group will make their way down Monroe Street starting at 11 a.m. Saturday.

“Five bucks or five hundred bucks,” Morse said. “Come down here and spend whatever because it’s our responsibility to help these business owners, so they can keep the jobs here and this community can build and not lessen or not take away because of this.”