Working 4 you: Why you should fix your pets

Working 4 you: Why you should fix your pets

America grew up hearing Bob Barker’s reminders to spay and neuter your pets, and veterinarians agree, sterilization is important. But why?

According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are an estimated six to eight million homeless animals entering animal shelters every year. About half of those get adopted, but sadly the other half have to be euthanized. 

The primary reason for spaying and neutering your pets is population control. Every year around one million dogs are euthanized, simply because they have no place to go. 

And vets say you should get your pets fixed, whether they play inside or outdoors. 

But spaying and neutering doesn’t only help the population of unclaimed kitties and puppies, most research finds that pets who get sterilized at a young age actually live longer, healthier lives. 

Vets say that by spaying or neutering your pets, you can avoid a lot of costly medical complications in the future caused by infections. 

Veterinarians say you should get your pets fixed when they are two to six months old. 

But they say the best thing to do is talk it over with your vet because, just like people, each pet is different. They will be able to tell you if there’s some reason your pet shouldn’t have this procedure done. 

Vets say it’s important to remember that spaying and neutering are surgeries, involving anesthesia and the complications that can come with that. 

There are recent studies that have shown some animals who are fixed may have a small chance of developing joint problems, as well as certain cancers. But, vets point out those are rare.