Working 4 you: Avoid scams while job searching

Working 4 you: Avoid scams while job searching

Consumers are on high alert these days, monitoring their credit and banking information due to a number of data breaches, but there are scammers out there hoping to take advantage of difficult times in your life, like finding a new job. 

Job hunting is stressful enough, and many people are so eager to land a position, they often don’t think about who their information is going to.

But, there are some rules for spotting a fraudulent job listing before those scammers strike. 

When applying for jobs, it’s common to give out a lot of personal information, like your full name, date of birth, address, even your social security number. 

So, know who you’re dealing with and use common sense. For example, does it make sense that a national company would post a position on a local job board? If not, do your research and make sure it’s legit. 

Also, avoid anything offering easy money. There’s no such thing. If a job seems to good to be true, it probably is. 

And know how the hiring process works. Experts say no reputable company will rush you through it. 

If you find yourself being invited to a phone or or Skype interview, and over the course of a 10-minute conversation are offered a job and asked to provide personal information, don’t do it.