Woodward campaign responds to ‘Citizens for Liberty and Labor’ PAC ad

Mayoral candidate Nadine Woodward responded to a political action committee’s recent ad against her on Friday.

The Citizens for Liberty and Labor PAC recently put down nearly $130,000 against the campaign for what Woodward referred to as ‘TV attack ads.’

The PAC’s major contributors are the Spokane Firefighters Union PAC, the Washington Education Association, WA for All PAC, SEIU Union WA State Council PAC and UFCW Local 1439.

“What do these unions have in common?” Woodward said in a statement. ” Ben has direct oversight over their union negotiations, which is why he does not support open contract negotiations. You can’t pick and choose which government functions are open to the public based on who gives you money.”

The ad is in direct relation to money put down by the Washington Realtor’s PAC in favor of Woodward’s campaign. The PAC has contributed over $161,000.

“Somebody thinking that just because Nadine got elected that all of a sudden urban sprawl is going to happen is 100% inaccurate,” said Tom Hormel with the Washington Realtor’s PAC.

Neither candidate controls third-party money or how it is used.

“Nadine Woodward would allow more sprawl and Seattle-style traffic to pad the profits of realtors and big developers bankrolling her campaign. We can’t let them buy this election,” said Randy Marler, former president of the Spokane Firefighters Union. The PAC is run by Marler.

“My opponent accuses me of being bought off by outside developers when in fact, it is Ben who is getting donations from developers whose projects are coming across his desk,” Woodward said in response.

“Ben has a history with developers, not me. Any claim of sprawl or developer plat approval goes through the Citizens Planning Commission and City Council, not the Mayor’s Office. Ben Stuckart has a history of being transactional with his supporters,” added Woodward.

That ad can be seen on a new website funded by the PAC, developersfornadine.com.