Women of Achievement Awards Luncheon

The YWCA hosted their biggest fundraiser Thursday afternoon, the Women of Achievement Awards Luncheon.

All proceeds raised by the event benefit the YWCA’s services for domestic violence victims and their children. Fittingly, the keynote speaker was Janine Latus.

Janine is a domestic abuse survivor and New York Times Best-selling author of the book which details her story and that of her sister who was murdered in a domestic violence situation called, “If I am Missing or Dead.”

“In every event, there are people who come up to me afterward and say that was me,” said Janine. “And they may whisper it because they’re ashamed, they may be in a position of power and feel that they may ruin their careers if they go public.”

She travels the world sharing her story, and encourages others to do the same so people can recognize abuse for what it is, and understand what it takes to get out of the situation, and that it is possible to thrive after that.