Woman shares concerns about neighborhood safety after recent N. Spokane shooting

Some residents weren’t surprised to hear shots ring out during a shooting in Spokane’s Nevada-Lidgerwood neighborhood Sunday. But, it did heighten people’s worries about safety in a neighborhood some believe is “going downhill.”

Patricia Lauber said crime has gotten extremely bad since she moved to that area 20 years ago.

“Living on the corner, I see so much, the drug activity from that house,” Lauber said. “I find syringes. I find tinfoil.”

Those are some of the reasons why Lauber is concerned with her neighborhood safety. The shooting Sunday night didn’t help either.

Spokane Police responded to reports of a shooting near the intersection of Sanson and Morton, around 7 p.m. SPD said someone came out of a residence and fired a round at a vehicle. Two peopele were taken into custody. Court documents reveal Trimarca Cooper and Melana Glover were arrested and charged with assault and unlawful possession of a firearm. Both have prior drug convictions, according to records.

The last update SPD shared indicated no one was injured in the shooting, but they are still investigating.

Lauber said this isn’t the first time there has been a shooting in the neighborhood and other major crime issues.

Several years ago, Lauber’s jeep was stolen from her carport. Police later found it totaled. She said people have stolen things from her yard and even tried to pry her windows open.

“I put in a security system three years ago,” Lauber said.

Lauber has also worked out a system with some of the neighbors she knows. They watch out for each other, especially if they’re traveling.

“All my neighbors will tell me when they’re leaving and when they’re going to be out of town and contact information and stuff, in case something happens,” Lauber said.

The Spokane woman said she reports crime and unusual people to Crime Check, but many of her reports go unanswered or she thinks some officers don’t take them seriously.

“It’s not my job to tell them how to clean up the area. They need to get out, drive the area, see what’s going on,” Lauber said. “You can’t sit behind a desk. You gotta go to the problem.”

The Spokane Police Department does have regular patrols in the area. Data wasn’t immediately available regarding how many patrols and how often.

The department also established a Patrol Anti-Crime Team (PACT) aimed at addressing emerging crime trends and prolific offenders. Those crews focus are “designed to shift resources in response to the changing needs of the community,” according to SPD information.

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