Woman makes quilt out of mother’s 31 Bloomsday t-shirts

Woman makes quilt out of mother’s 31 Bloomsday t-shirts

People come to Spokane from all over the world to participate in the Bloomsday tradition.

For one Spokane Valley family, Bloomsday has become a yearly reunion.

Every year, everyone meets at Shirley and Chuck Arnold’s home for Bloomsday weekend.

After doing the race for 31 years, Shirley has decided she is no longer going to participate, so her daughter created a special surprise to commemorate her mom’s love of Bloomsday.

For the Arnold family, Bloomsday is more than just a race. It’s a family affair.

“We called all our friends and relatives and they kind of grew year after year and friend of a friend and so on,” Arnold explained, “so we had quite a group here.”

Arnold completed her first Bloomsday back in 1986. Before that, she was a cheerleader for her daughter Diane and sister Debbie.

“My mother and I would stand in the side lines and wave and holler at them when they went by,” Arnold said, “and my mother who was 76 at the time, she said, ‘how come we’re not doing that?’ And I said, ‘well I don’t know!’ So next year, we joined and ran Bloomsday.”

This year, Shirley decided she’d go back to being a cheerleader.

“It feels a little strange, but [I’m not doing it] this year.”

So her daughter Diane decided to do something special. Diane created a quilt using all of Shirley’s Bloomsday t-shirts and family pictures.

“I thought this would be a really fun project and something mom would like,” Diane Cronin said, “and give her a chance to enjoy the shirts and remember Bloomsday.”

Thirty-one Bloomsday t-shirts stitched together, creating a patchwork quilt of memories.

“This is wonderful,” Shirley said when she received the quilt. “Oh my goodness, look at this.”

Thirty-one Bloomsdays and counting. It’s a yearly tradition that helps keep this family bound and stitched together.

“I think it’s just the fun of having all the friends and family around,” Shirley said. “I enjoy that. I like to have a lot of people so that just makes it fun.”