Woman in jail after killing man in Colfax Friday night

Woman in jail after killing man in Colfax Friday night

As drivers were heading down Colfax Airport Road Friday night, some saw what appeared to be a totally normal sight.

Christie Muir works right next to where the crime was committed. She said, “I looked over and noticed that someone had the back of their vehicle up and I said to my husband ‘oh my gosh it looks like somebody has got a flat tire,’ because they were unpacking the whole back of it.”

She says she was heading to go camping around 6:00 pm when she saw that vehicle.

“We just kept going. Didn’t think anything about it.”

But for those who drove by just minutes later, things got stranger.

“We had numerous calls that a woman was outside along the road, waving a gun at a vehicle, acting somewhat frantic,” said Sheriff Brett Myers.

Deputies then arrived on scene to find that the man had been shot in the head.

Court documents say Ashley Myers (who has no relation to the sheriff) told deputies that she killed the man because he had murdered her daughter the day before.

She also said she was Satan.

There was also a large amount of meth and a meth pipe found at the scene.

“There’s clear indications that she was under the influence of something,” said Myers.

Investigators say they are still unsure of the two people’s relationship, but know that they were traveling together.

“We think they connected three or four weeks ago and have been together for about that long. But other than that, we really can’t find any sort of history that goes back three to four weeks,” said Myers.

When Christie Muir heard the truth behind what she thought was a flat tire, she couldn’t believe it.

“This just doesn’t happen around here,” she said. “You know, you’re always cautious. Doesn’t matter where you live, you’re always cautious. But, no. Not around here.”

Ashley Myers is scheduled to appear in court again this Friday. Prosecutors say there is a chance her charge could be upgraded from second to first degree murder.

The Sheriff’s Office confirms that Myers does have a daughter but she is alive and safe.