Woman hits deer on highway, blames bigfoot

Woman hits deer on highway, blames bigfoot

A woman crashed into a deer Wednesday night along Highway 95 in North Idaho. The reason? She says bigfoot chased the deer onto the road.

According to KQQQ radio, the 50-year old woman from Tensed, Idaho said she was driving north of the Potlatch Y. She told the Latah County Sheriff’s Office she saw a sasquatch chasing some deer along the road. When she looked into her rearview mirror to see the creature, she hit a doe that ran in front of her car.

She told the sheriff’s office that bigfoot was seven to eight feet tall.

The woman kept driving, picked up her husband from work and drove straight to the sheriff’s office to report the incident.

A Latah County Sheriff’s deputy responded and found evidence of the crash. According to KQQQ radio, “the report didn’t indicate if he found any evidence of the elusive Bigfoot.”