Woman finds massive honey bee swarm in her tree

Woman finds massive honey bee swarm in her tree

An Elk, Washington woman was surprised to find a massive honey bee swarm in her tree on Tuesday. The discovery was a concern for her because she’s deadly allergic, but she didn’t want them to be killed because honey bees are so beneficial to gardeners and farmers.

Instead, she reached out to KXLY to help find a beekeeper that might be willing to recover a swarm.

Turns out, there are many and they want to spread the word to not call the exterminator or get the can of bug spray and lighter if a honey bee swarm winds up in your yard.

A honey bee swarm happens when a new queen is born in an existing hive and the old queen leaves with upwards of 60 percent of the worker bees to find a new home.

The swarm may stick around on a branch or gutter for several days as workers look for a new suitable location.

Swarms can happen throughout the summer and beekeepers are at the ready to collect them, many times for free or they may even give you a sweet treat in appreciation.

To find a willing beekeeper just search for local beekeeping clubs. In Eastern Washington, the Inland Empire Beekeeping Association and the Backyard Beekeepers Association are just two options. Many beekeepers can also be found on web-sites like Craigslist.