Woman charged with raping child on camera says ex-boyfriend blackmailed her

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WARNING: This story contains disturbing information.

SPOKANE, Wash. — A Chattaroy woman who admitted to raping a 2-year-old boy on camera told detectives her ex-boyfriend blackmailed her into recording the assault.

Even though she admitted to the crime in an interview with detectives, Audree Pederson, 24, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to second degree rape and three counts of rape of a child in the first degree. According to court documents, Pederson’s former coworker at Northern Quest went to detectives when he woke up to a text from Pederson which showed a video of her raping a little boy.

In an interview with detectives, Pederson said her ex-boyfriend Daniel Solis, 28, blackmailed her into recording the rape. She said if she refused, Solis told her he would send out their sex tape to her friends and family.

“In one of the videos, she is crying and after sending it to Daniel he instructed her to do it again, but to not be crying while filming it,” the investigating officer wrote in the affidavit of facts.

Detectives said Pederson claimed Solis cloned her phone, then sent out the video to multiple people. During the investigation, detectives found a text from Solis on Pederson’s phone that read “can u send me a video I hope ur not in jail,” according to court documents.

Pederson was booked into the Spokane County Jail February 7.

Solis recently moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Once Pederson accused him of blackmailing her, Spokane County sheriff’s deputy Mark Gregory said the department reached out to local authorities there in hopes of contacting her ex-boyfriend.

An F.B.I. complaint showed days later, Solis was arrested February 12 for robbing a Kalamazoo bank of $7,000. In an interview with police, Solis admitted to the crime and said he then spent $2,000 at a strip club. He was then charged with one count of bank robbery and is expected to be in court Thursday.

Solis has not been charged in connection to this child rape case.

Pederson will be back in front of a judge March 13. Her trial will begin April 13. Detectives say the 2-year-old victim is safe. A sexual assault protection order against Pederson, which is set to expire Feb. 10, 2099, has been filed on his behalf.