Woman arrested for ransacking Moses Lake Rite Aid

Woman arrested for ransacking Moses Lake Rite Aid
iFiberOne News
A woman was arrested for ransacking a Rite Aid in Moses Lake. 

A Soap Lake woman was arrested by Moses Lake Police for damaging property and throwing merchandise at a Rite Aid, reported iFiberOne News.

Moses Lake Police said they first contacted 23-year-old Deanna Castro around 3 p.m. on Monday after she reportedly stepped into oncoming traffic on West Fourth Avenue and hit a vehicle with her hand. Officers then gave her a ride to Grant County Mental Health for an evaluation.

Officers were then called to the mental health facility 30 minutes later after Castro threw a chair inside the building and left, according to MLPD.

Police said Castro threw rocks at vehicles, broke a tail light and pushed over a motorcycle. She was cited, but the jail was on restrictions and would not take her. She was released for disorderly conduct and third-degree malicious mischeif, reported iFiberOne.

Later that same day, officers responded to the Rite Aid for a disturbance involving Castro where she reportedly entered the store and broke display items, according to MLPD. Castro is also accused of knocking multiple items off shelves and throwing merchandise at employees and other customers.

Castro was arrested and booked into the Grant County Jail for felony malicious mischief and misdemeanor assault.

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