Wolf Hunts Could Resume This Fall

The wolf hunt is about to make a comeback in Idaho and Montana as wolves are being removed from the endangered species list under a policy rider attached to Congress’ budget bill.

Under the bill, public wolf hunts could happen as early as this fall.

This legislation ends the ongoing debate of whether wolf populations are thriving or endangered.

For years now, wolves have been de-listed and re-listed as endangered with wolf management being bounced back and forth between states and the federal government.

The bill officially places wolf management in the direct hands of Idaho, Montana, and parts of Washington and Oregon. Wolves will remain federally protected in Wyoming, however.

As you can imagine, many environmental groups are upset by the bill, claiming it’s a blatant political maneuver designed to circumvent the Endangered Species Act. The new legislation makes it difficult for opponents to take up the issue in the court system.

The budget bill passed the senate 81-19 and is expected to be signed by President Barack Obama in the next few days.