Winterizing your vehicle: Maintenance and safety tips from AAA Washington

SPOKANE, Wash. — Because auto shops get so busy during the winter time, it’s really the fall season that you should start winterizing your car.

Winterizing your car is basically just preparing it for the winter season.

We’ve already seen some snow days ahead of the winter season, so if you plan to get on the road for the holidays or just plan on driving around the city, you can never be too prepared.

Senior Manager at AAA Washington, Dave Armstrong, broke it down into two categories: Vehicle condition maintenance and safety.

Winter driving safety and maintenance tips

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Armstrong says AAA Washington is the busiest for calls in the summer and winter because of car batteries among other problems that can be prevented.

“A lot of tire issues. Tires not in good condition and failing. We see a lot of that,” he said. “And then unfortunately, occasionally, the freeze issue. We have cars frozen that need addressed, that are more serious. But that’s probably the top, right there.”

And it’s not just about getting your car mechanically ready for the roads, but also having the tools to survive if anything should happen.

AAA Washington listed these tips as ways to stay safe on the road:

Winter driving safety and maintenance tips

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Have an emergency kit, check your lights and have the right tires for your trip.

Whether it’s all-season, snow or studded tires, Armstrong says what kind depends on where and how you drive.

But you will need good tread and tire pressure.

“Let’s say you go up on the pass a lot, or you’re in hilly conditions and you’re always in snow and ice, a set of studded snow tires might be better. So it really depends on where you’re driving,” said Armstrong.

For more information, see this blog on the AAA Washington website.