Windstorm damage deals another blow to restaurants relying on outdoor dining

SPOKANE, Wash. — Wednesday’s windstorm was another blow to many small businesses and restaurant owners.

Local restaurants have been relying on outdoor dining to keep them afloat, but many say that is no longer an option after the day’s wind damage.

Jhon Goodwin, owner of Lost Boys’ Garage, spent $5,000 putting up tents, trying to keep his business open during the pandemic.

“This entire area was covered with a huge tent. We had wood supports. It was about as structurally sound as we could make it,” Goodwin said. “It’s just tough right now.”

Now, it is even tougher. The wind knocked down all of his hard work, damaging his tent and other materials.

“I don’t know if we have the extra money to redo this whole thing again,” Goodwin said.