Wildlife officials: Don’t touch the baby animals

Wildlife officials: Don’t touch the baby animals
Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
Wildlife officers helped reunite a fawn with its mother after a human thought it needed to be rescued. 

Don’t touch the animals!

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to remind the public to avoid touching wildlife after a recent incident involving a fawn.

WDFW Police responded to a call regarding a person picking up a fawn in order to “rescue it.” The person assumed the fawn’s mother was dead and wanted to protect it.

Despite the good intentions, authorities warn not to do this. It is completely normal for fawns to be left alone while their mothers forage for food. Leaving an animal alone is usually the best thing for an animal’s survival.

Officers were able to reunite the fawn with its mother and educate the community member on what to do in the future.

The only time you should even consider intervening in a wild animal’s life is if it is clearly sick or injured, or if you are certain the parent is dead. In those cases, always consult with a licensed wildlife rehabilitator before moving an animal.

For more infomation on when and when not to intervene, click here.

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